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CM50 (50A,24V/48V)

CM50 Intelligent Solar Charge Controller


CM series controller is a kind of intelligent, multi-purpose solar charge and discharge controller. The family use the fixed LCD display, with a very friendly interface;

various control parameters can be flexibly set, fully meet your various application requirements.

CM series controller has following features:

Image of LCD graphic symbol;Simple button operation;Automatic Identification System Voltage level;Intelligent PWM charge mode;Automatic Temperature Compensation;Adjustable charge-discharge control parameters;Settable Operating mode of Load;Remote monitoring and control function (custom);Accumulated function of charge and discharge Ampere hours

Protection functions:

  • Overload, Short Circuit Protection

  • Battery Low Voltage Disconnection (LVD)

  • Battery reverse-discharge protection

  • Battery reverse connection protection


Technical Data



Rated Current50A50A
Rated Voltage12V/24V48V
Solar Panle Voltage50V100V
Float Charging Voltage13.8V/27.6V55.2V
Low Voltage disconnecting10.7V/21.4V42.8V
Low Voltage Recovery12.5V/25.0V50.0V
No load loss30mA30mA
Loop Voltage Drop170mV170mV
Charging modePWM
Temperature compensation-4mV/Cell/
NoteModel suffix "Z" represent automatic identify system voltage level,"T"represent controller with remote monitoring.


①  Get ready for tools and cables. Advising you to matching the right cables. Ensure that the current density <4A/mm2  that is conductive to reducing the line voltage drop. Recommendation: 30A with 10mm2 cables. Check whether the installation sites compliance with the relevant safety requirements. Please avoid the damp, dusty, there is a place flammable, explosive and corrosive gases use the controller to install.    
② Install the controller into a fixed vertical plane. See section 5 of the pore size and pore spacing. In order to ensure a good thermal control conditions, please set aside each 10cm below the controller space.
③ As shown on the right, connect the (1) Load, (2) Battery and (3) Solar Panel to the controller according to the order of (1) (2) (3). Pay attention to the load, battery, solar panel and controller of same polarity.
④ Put the external temperature sensor into the left of the controller (probe port). The temperature sensor should be placed at the similar space of the battery. (Otherwise, the controller will control the parameters of all wrong temperature compensation.)
⑤ If you have remote monitoring and control function, please insert one end of the included communication wire on the right of the controller (communication port), the other end to connect to the host computer.
Demolition: To prevent accidents, please order the demolition of solar panels, battery and load disconnect with controller.
Note:Battery polarity will not damage the controller, but you will have a load equipment security risks.

Installtion cable area >3# AWG ( 25mm2 )Operation temperature-20℃ ~ 50℃storage temperature-30℃ ~ 70℃Humidity requirement <90% , no condensationSize 130mm*188mm*62mmMounting hole spacing 90 mm 178 mm --Ö5Weight590g

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